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Project Evaluation by F.C.T.

This is an excellent project. It has a very good research framework/design and is well integrated into the literature. Essentially it focuses on the ´readjustment´ of the Portuguese armed forces in the context of changed international political situation. The study plans to look at this from 3 aspects: civil-military relations, organizational processes and the military profession. Each of these is well-specified in the proposal which is both concise and theoretical. The proposed research will be carried out via a diversified methodology which includes: analysis of official documents, legislation and statistical sources; a national survey of Portuguese public opinion on security, defense and military issues, a major survey among a representative sample of the Portuguese military, in-depth interviews with key-actors (military and political leaders and policy-makers, leaders of military associations and journalists) and also direct and participant observation within one of the new missions of the Portuguese Armed Forces. This project has the potential to be the classic study of the changed role, status and functioning of the military in Portugal in the 21st century. It is the kind of study that could well be replicated elsewhere. The project is well laid out and there is a good and clear description of the stages of the research and the rationale for each of them. Crucially there appears to be in place an in principle agreement as to access to research subjects and contexts. There is a good and appropriate set of proposals for dissemination which includes dissemination to an appropriate range of stakeholders. The proposal is a clear continuation of the research interests of the PI and collaborators but moves this in a new and useful direction. Although there is some reference to comparison in the literature review the proposal might be strengthened by a more developed comparison of the role of the armed forces of other EU states of similar size to Portugal. This is little more than a suggestion for some comparative work at the literature review stage. This is a large team, involving some 8 applicants. The PI, who has a very good track record in the area plans to devote 25% of her time. Looking at the background of the team overall it seems like this is a good team (in terms of diversity of interests and stages of career) to carry out the research in question. In terms of opportunities for junior learning, the applicant team consists of people at different career stages. In addition, there will be 1 bolseiro for the duration and 3 Phd theses should result. The research team is a good mix of academics and practitioners with an academic profile. There is also clear evidence of managerial expertise which will be necessary for the conduct of a large and complex, if well planned, mixed method project. In terms of value for money, the research scores positively because it will produce a very large volume of information. The budget could however be trimmed in places - but only a little This is a large scale project which depends, crucially, on the collaboration of the Portuguese armed forces. However, given the composition of the research team and the assurances they have been able to make as to ´in principle´ agreement - and given that the study will be of considerable value to the armed forces - then this is a doable project. As already indicated there is a good and coherent research plan and the budget generally maps on to that scheme in an appropriate way. This is a project with both general academic and specific applied potential in relation to outcomes and as such accords with the call.

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